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Cake Chicago

Sassy & Proud - A Pride Show Extravaganza!

Cake Chicago Presents: "Sassy & Proud- A Pride Extravaganza!"

Friday, June 27th- 9pm
- Blending queer artistry into the general public through live music and more...the last Friday of every month.
 Show Theme - "Sassy & Proud" – Come dressed in something sassy and/or pink for pride.
The Red Line Tap - 7006 N. Glenwood - Chicago , IL ( Morse Ave. + Glenwood)

Featuring: 12 Acts
CC Carter
Cameron Esposito
Bridget Lyons
Carrie Lydon/Kate Rickenbacker
Robert McDonald
Ripley Caine
Kirk Williamson
Cyra and Company
Julia Storke
Gregg Shapiro
DJ Sky!
Five Buck Cover
- Behind the Heartland Cafe
- 773-274-5463
- Morse El Stop
- Free Parking 3 blocks down on Glenwood

Make Art, Eat Cake...

Cake Chicago
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