earthygirrl (earthygirrl) wrote in chicago_girls,

Queer Performance Art ( Chicago )

(Not sure if I can post this here...if not feel free to delete it mods...and let me know.)

I have been interested in participating in projects within the queer scene for an extended period of time and as of lately I’m really marching strongly in that direction. If anyone has any information or contact that you are willing to share, I’d greatly appreciate it.

 ---- I’m a writer who mostly writes lesbian short stories and monologues. I’d love the opportunity to expand my writing into extended scenes or work in parallel with another writer on a play. My writings are generally poetic and have the ability to capture the energy of any defined moment.

 ----I am an actress and have been interested in creating a queer showcase of monologues, and scenes. Just as well, I’d love to become involved in the queer movie scene, if that exists in Chicago.

 ----I’m interested in dipping my toe, and maybe all of my body, into the burlesque scene. I’ve scene a few shows and fell in love with the creativity, freedom and performance aspect that are apart of burlesque. My interest follows here within the queer community.

 ----I am a singer and I would love to become a part of a queer band.

 Thanks in advance!


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