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Chicago Visit-- things to do...

Ok guys, I need some help. I moved away from Chicago 3 years ago, and am going back for a visit starting this Friday and bringing some of my southern (We are in NC) friends with me. I did live there for 5 years, but having trouble remembering the local places, where stuff was located etc. I want to show my friends an awesome time, but not just a "tourist" time. I want to bring them to the great local places on the north, and south, sides.

Tell me all your favorite places for food, coffee, and shopping on the northside-- particulary in Lakeview like in Boystown area, Lincoln park-- armitage stop... and Bucktown.

Im also trying to remember the name of this cute coffee shop in Andersonville-- it was like a travel place.

Also...any fun stuff in Greektown? Any "must see's" that you can think of. Im trying to jar my memory and some stuff is coming, but I need some help from you locals! Also some fun stuff for night life for some semi-conservative people....I know lots of fun night life but probably not up my friends' allies so looking for night life/theater type places for the evening.

Thanks for any help!!!
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