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Corsets for a cause!

In light of some really horrible things that have been happening in the lives of my chosen family and friends as of late, I've been feeling really ineffectual. In most of the cases, there's not squat that I can do to change circumstances for them. That said, I'm trying to do my best to assist where and when I can.

Which leads me to the following...

Back in February, I met a terrifically talented grrl (itsroach) and her daughter at a con. She's been making a go of it as a costumer and crafter, but with the economy the way it is, finances have been tight for them. Right now, she's in rather dire straits and is mounting a campaign to raise funds to make sure that she and her family are secure.

Currently (through June 10th) she's offering her custom Victorian corsets that usually sell for $300, for only $150. While I don't know her terribly well, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the quality of her work. They're very well made and sturdily steel boned to provide a lovely display of cleavage...oh...and they're absolutely beautiful!

Take a peek at her work for yourself and read more about her offer...

Even if a new corset is a bit out of your budget, please feel free to cross-post or link to this post. You'll be supporting an independent artisan and getting a great piece of handmade wearable art in the process (for a great price!).
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