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Chicago Women

Connecting with each other

Women of Chicago
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Hello and welcome to the community! I wanted to make this community for Chicago women to meet each other and make friends. This is a community for Chicago females to meet each other, make friends and more, and a place to talk about women's issues, interests, and things to do in Chicago!'

The community has been growing so much lately- we have a bunch of great women in the community that are making friends, talking about the city life and helping each other out. Come join the community and get to know us!

When you join- make a post in the community to introduce yourself so we know who you are and that you are here!

Icon Contest

Thanks so much to both karen_walker and hisslavekitty for taking the time to submit beautiful icons for the community. The community took a vote and the new Chicago Girls icon will be one from karen_walker icons she submitted- which won by 1 vote!

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