crankyrogalsky (crankyrogalsky) wrote in chicago_girls,

Join us at Super Camp Hoop-a-Long!

Ironika Leigh is thrilled to be presenting the Super Camp Hoop-a-Long, a weekly gathering of hoopers of all levels, featuring fun music and attitude with a campy, burlesque-y edge.

No matter if you're a girl or a boy, young or old, skinny or plussy, new or veteran - we want you! We have people who've been hooping for a while and some who are just learning to keep the damned thing up - so don't let first-timer hinkiness keep you away. From time to time, we'll even have fabulous guest hoopers joining us to give pointers and share new tricks.

Want to join? You totally do.

Check out for lots more information. We hope you join us!

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